IALA Buoy Light Simulator

Easy to use

Two buttons with simple menu's - couldn't be easier to use allowing you to spend more time instructing and less time setting things up.

Distinctive styling

The Buoy Light Simulator looks the part, we styled it so that it was immediately obvious what it could be - and it is!
We know your students will love it.


All the functions you really need and none that you don't - that's our philosophy with the models we produce and the Buoy Light Simulator is no different.

An innovation in navigation learning

The Buoy Light Simulator from nautiNav is a unique tool for your navigation sessions with students, developed with ease-of-use in mind and functionality above all – we had a clear mission; provide a tool that made one of the most tricky to remember parts of advanced navigation theory a little easier for your students.

We understand that it can be difficult to find ways to successfully impart your wisdom without some form of kinetic approach, it’s also true that a visual can provide a simpler and clearer message than just speech.

Early on in the design process we developed a simple two button menu system that displays on a small OLED LCD screen which drives all the modes on the device. The high intensity RGB LED which simulates the buoy light characteristic is bright enough to place at a distance from the viewer with no discernible loss of brightness – allowing you to show the student what they could reasonably expect to see at sea.

We also added simulated sector lights, naturally with them so close together it’s not as effective as the real thing – but serves to demonstrate the general concept.

The BLS has been designed, developed and produced in the UK by hand – we personally quality check each one as we make them and are always seeking to improve the firmware where needed.

The BLS is available now, we strongly recommend back ordering (if stock is low) as stock only becomes available as we manufacture the device. Generally the wait time is no more than a couple of days at the moment.

Manufacturing Times

Although we try as hard as we can, BLS devices are hand made and as a result we can not guarantee next day stock due to component deliveries and factory time. Please allow 5 days for manufacturing at peak times – we will of course contact you to advise of delivery times if we do not have shelf stock of this very popular training tool.

Field tests

So it’s a bit daft, but we were  testing a few units and the dog decided to lie down in the way, two minutes later we’d marked out the dangerous hazard and all shipping in the area was safely informed!

You can see how bright the LED’s are from this and how the light patterns are shown, top marks if you get the three buoys first time.