IALA Buoy Training Aids

Tactile and Colourful

We manufacture the buoy models with a specific purpose, to make learning fun. All the models come apart and can be used as a puzzle exercise or simply as an static example.

Easy to understand

Students learn quickly by assembling the buoy parts and associating colours and shapes. Group sessions can be
created with team challenges - its fun!

IALA A & B Regions

We have you covered, we include both regions into our sets so that you can hit the ground running no matter where you are located and what the syllabus requires.

Designed to make learning fun

The IALA Buoy training aids from nautiNav have been created with the purpose of helping to make navigation theory fun, we have found that students learn the topic quicker when given a tactile and understandable solution.
The buoy models come in two sizes and can be taken apart in order to provide a challenge which provokes learning by association – and can lead to group participation in the classroom. All of the buoy parts are interchangeable with the inevitable interesting results that some students will come up with at first – which the instructor can then demonstrate or lead the student to the correct solution.
IALA regions are covered. Our sets provide the top mark with the correct shape and colour for both regions so that you can teach without the need to purchase extra components.

Manufacturing Times

nautiNav products are manufactured in the United Kingdom in a very small facility, we assemble all products by hand and as a result we may encounter some small delays on a specific component occasionally. Whilst we strive to keep all items in stock we can not guarantee this but delays are never usually more than one or two days at most.