Model Marine Anchors

After many requests from experienced marine instructors, we have created a range of scale model marine anchors, specifically aimed at the core syllabus of many qualifications, to illustrate and demonstrate the major type of anchors in use today. There are five anchors in the range currently which include Danforth style, Bruce style, CQR style, Delta style and Next Generation style.

Bruce Style
Plough type anchor which holds well in most conditions, bulky to store in a locker.
Danforth Style
A stock-stabilized, pivoting fluke anchor with good holding power.
Delta Style
Self-launching anchor suitable for a bow roller. Requires suitable fittings.
Next Gen Style
High holding power, sets easily and can be launched from suitable bow roller.
CQR Style
Well established, good holding anchor but with moving parts.

Details on the models

The model anchors are manufactured in an ABS-like photopolymer resin and hand finished with three different paint coatings.

Each model varies in width and length with an average length of around 100mm which fit in the palm of your hand nicely and are big enough to be able to describe the characteristics, yet not so bulky that the models become a hindrance when transporting.

The CQR and Danforth style models articulate, but as would be expected of a scale model – care must be taken when handling, so we do not recommend the use of these models for young children.

Because all the models are hand-painted and finished, and there is a significant amount of time required to print and complete them, we may not be able to offer our normal next-day dispatch. Lead times will normally be 3-4 days.

We do not recommend the usage of any of our equipment with unsupervised children due to the possibility of a choking hazard and these models are no exception. They are designed and sold as a training aid or display item and are not toys. Users should be aware that just like their real-life counterparts – there may be sharp points and moving parts.

nautiNav does not place any claim on the design of these models whatsoever, and they are presented for display and educational purposes only.