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An innovation in learning.

The Buoy Light Simulator from nautiNav is a unique tool for your navigation sessions with students, developed with ease-of-use in mind and functionality above all – we had a clear mission; provide a tool that made one of the most tricky to remember parts of advanced navigation theory a little easier for your students.

  • All IALA Buoy light characteristics
  • Sector light simulation
  • High-intensity RBG LED for the clearest output
  • Multiple modes (random and pre-selected)
  • Rechargeable pre-fitted battery via USB
  • Simple and Clear menu system
  • Hand made in the UK by nautiNav

More detail can be found on the main page.

Please note that these are all hand made and in peak times there may be a small delay whilst we wait for components and manufacture the device, we try to keep stock on the shelf but can’t guarantee immediate dispatch all the time.

This is a Pre Production version.

“Pre Production” means exactly that, we are striving to achieve a production nirvana, but as this is a new product we are still streamlining and developing production methods, the end unit will function exactly as it should and all components are exactly the same. It simply means that we may route the wires internally differently or solder something in a more optimum position as we develop the product.


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