IALA Sea School Pack


The IALA Sea School pack contains all of the best selling nautiNav packs and much more at a reduced cost.
This pack contains BOTH IALA Region A & B Top Marks!
You do not need to purchase any add-ons or extras to be able to teach the IALA system worldwide.

Package Contents: For full package details please scroll down.

  • 12 x IALA (A & B) Large Buoys (more info)
  • 16 x IALA (A & B) Mini Buoys
  • 2 x RIB models
  • 2 x Fishing Boat models
  • 2 x Merchant Vessel models
  • 2 x Sailing Yacht models
  • 4 x Pontoon models
  • 4 x Pontoon finger models
  • 2 x Hazard / Rock models
  • 2 x Wind Arrows
  • 2 x Flow/Tidal Current Arrows
  • 8 x Compass Direction Arrows
  • 12 x Light Indicator Feet
  • 1 x Light Feet sticker sheet
  • 2 x Man Overboard markers
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The IALA Sea School pack contains all of the best selling nautiNav packs at a reduced rate. The sheer amount of classroom navigation aids within this pack is huge, catering for many aspects of your navigation training using our tactile and visual approach to learning.

** Please Note: This pack contains BOTH IALA Region A & B Top Marks! Everything in one huge pack!

With a combined cost of over £300 if purchasing all the components separately, this pack represents a massive saving for you. This pack contains over 160 separate components which are all hand-assembled after manufacture.

Our unique multi-part buoys are provided in 2 sizes for the complete training experience, weighing in at 120mm high for the larger set and 30mm for the mini version. Both types of model  disassemble and can be used as a training puzzle activity to get the student to understand the allocation of top marks and colours. With the additional neodymium magnets in the base of the mini buoys which are also encased in the alongside pack and pilotage models – you can place them on a suitable whiteboard and create training scenarios.

This pack contains the latest updates to our range with the all new two part direction arrows and encapsulated magents, part of our ongoing development process.

The alongside kit has been developed after many requests from the industry, as have the pilotage models – everything we do is driven by input from professionals in the marine training sector and carefully prototyped and tested before release. We have the utmost confidence in our products and are very happy to have received many messages of support, as can be seen on our Facebook page we also have several great reviews of the products too.

Our pilotage models represent a rough scale idea of a real-life boat, the yachts have moveable (and removable) sails for wind orientation and all are magnetic with hand-fitted “lights” in appropriate positions to further enhance the teaching opportunity.

Here are the package contents for the Sea School Pack.

  • IALA Buoy Set – our highly acclaimed models
      • 12 x 130mm tall buoys which disassemble.
      • Top Marks for BOTH A & B regions.
  • IALA Buoy Light Feet
      • 12 x Light feet
          • 2 x Red
          • 2 x Green
          • 2 x Yellow
          • 6 x White
      • Light characteristic sheet.
  • Full pilotage set -all items below are magnetic.
      • 2 x yachts with removable sails
      • 2 x Fishing style boat
      • 2 x Rib
      • 2 x CBD model
      • 2 x Wind arrow
      • 2 x Flow arrow
  • Alongside Pack – magnetic components.
      • 4 Modular pontoons
      • 4 Finger Berth spars
  • IALA Mini Buoy Pack – all magnetic
    • 16 IALA Buoys in total
    • Includes extra (Port & Starboard) Laterals to make channels
    • IALA A & B Top Marks all included
  • Extra navigation aids
    • 2 x magnetic rock/hazard models
    • 2 x magnetic man overboard markers
    • 8 x compass direction arrows

This pack arrives to you well packed in a 200mm square box, with the large buoys in boxes of 4 protected in foam, the rest are bagged into bubble wrap sealed bags and couriered to you.

Additional information

Weight 1700 g
Dimensions 205 × 205 × 205 mm
IALA Region

A, B


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