Mini Buoy Kit


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This is the Mini Buoy Kit sent as a KIT, with the magnets supplied but not glued in and the component parts supplied along with the top marks (IALA A or B choice).

The price represents over 20% saving on the price of the individual buoys, which we have passed on as a saving from not supplying the buoys “made up”. Please note that the magnets should press fit in most cases, but may need a drop of glue to retain them permanently. Whilst the mini buoys were not intended to be used in the same way as the larger IALA buoys we produce, they do disassemble in a similar fashion, we would reccomend normally that you make them up and utilise them in pilotage exercises.

Please choose up to 12 buoys from the list, you can have as many of whichever buoy you like, mix and match to suit your needs.

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Weight 100 g


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