Model Marine Anchor Set


The Model Marine Anchor Set consists of:

  • Scale model of a Bruce style anchor
  • Scale model of a Danforth style anchor
  • Scale model of a CQR style anchor
  • Scale model of a Next Generation style anchor
  • Scale model of a Delta style anchor


All models are SLA printed in an ABS-Like Photopolymer Resin, hand finished, and painted individually.


Available on back-order



These five anchor models represent the most commonly used styles on the market today, all the models are printed in resin, and hand finished before being airbrushed with three layers of acrylic paint coatings to ensure a quality appearance.

Most of the models are approximately 100mm in length and fit perfectly in the hand.

The Danforth and CQR style anchor models have moving parts – we would stress that these are models – care must be taken not to force movement or disengage the moving parts.

We do not recommend the usage of any of our equipment with unsupervised children due to the possibility of a choking hazard and these models are no exception. They are designed and sold as a training aid or display item and are not toys. Users should be aware that just like their real-life counterparts – there may be sharp points and moving parts.

nautiNav does not place any claim on the design of these models whatsoever, and they are presented for display and educational purposes only.


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 40 mm


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