Powerboat Instructors Pack

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The (all magnetic) pack consists of:

  • Yacht with moving sail and navigation lights
  • RIB with navigation lights
  • NSEW arrows with coloured infills
  • Man Overboard marker
  • 4 x Cardinal Marks
  • 4 x Lateral Marks – BOTH A&B region top shapes
  • 1 x Isolated Danger Mark
  • 1 x Special Mark
  • 2 x Pontoon Sections
  • 2 x Pontoon Finger Berths
  • Navigation hazard (Rock)
  • Wind direction arrow
  • Flow/Tide direction arrow
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This pack has been created specifically for small boat instructors, it’s the perfect complement to your training days. Carry on to the boat in your dry bag and with the addition of a small magnetic whiteboard (which can be obtained for a few pounds from major retailers), you have a classroom afloat!

We created a few new items for this pack which will come in very handy, all of which are magnetic using neodymium magnets encapsulated in the bases.

New Items:

  1. Magnetic Man Overboard marker
  2. Magnetic Compass direction arrows
  3. Magnetic Obstacle / Rock

If you can imagine a scenario you can probably demonstrate it using this pack, let’s look at a couple of the possibilities.

  • Man Overboard
    • Place the marker between a wind arrow and a rib
    • Demonstrate the approach into wind
    • Demonstrate where we will be picking up the casualty
    • Demonstrate our escape plan
  • Picking up a Buoy
    • Place a buoy and wind arrow (and tide too!)
    • Demonstrate the correct approach
    • Demonstrate the best place to pick up the buoy
    • Demonstrate leaving the buoy
  • Coming Alongside
    • Set up the pontoon, wind and tide indicators
    • Use a second model to show other boats moored
    • Demonstrate the approach, escape plan
    • Demonstrate where we will pick up the pontoon
    • Demonstrate how we will leave

As you can see, that’s just three possibilities for using the models afloat, you can also use the buoys to demonstrate pilotage, navigation, colregs, demonstrate sailing boat tactics, and much much more.


1 review for Powerboat Instructors Pack

  1. David Monks

    I found these instructor aids via Amazon and am very pleased with them as they lift tuition of what can be difficult topics to describe verbally onto a new plane. The very fact that you can “mix and match” buoy segments and topmarks allows for interesting “what’s wrong with this scenario” talks and the use of the wind and tidal stream indicators together with the boat and pontoon shapes allows for a comprehensive coverage of the various aspects of getting to grips with the buoyage system.
    Finally I must congratulate Owen on some impressive customer service (even with Covid-19 bearing down upon us all !) – he went above and beyond to ensure that my kit was complete and even threw in some extra goodies for good measure!

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