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This pack is aimed at the Skipper.  Often when briefing crew, it’s extremely useful to have some basic aids; What a lateral buoy looks like and what we look for when we are leaving and approaching the dock/ pontoon/ mooring buoy and what effect the wind is going to have on us.  Your crew will thank you for being able to show them, in an obvious manner – the most important parts of the journey.
This is ideal for new crew who you want to brief before you get underway, creating a safer environment and less confusion for all – at the end of the day, you want to have had a nice, relaxed passage, even if it’s around the harbour and back – give your crew the basics so they can be involved.
A very small and compact set of waterproof training aids, perfect to keep onboard ready for the next time you take friends or new crew out.
Kit contains:
Either Yacht with moving & removable sail or Small Rib
  • Wind indicator arrow
  • Pontoons / Dock
  • Man overboard marker
  • Port and Starboard lateral marks
  • All parts are magnetic
  • Ideal to use on inexpensive A4 whiteboard
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