Special Mark Set


A full set of training buoys, comprising of Special Mark, Safewater Mark, Isolated Danger Mark and Emergency Wreck Mark, complete with top marks and light footprints and light characteristic sticker sheet.

Note: The choice whether to use the sticker sheet is yours to make, we supply plenty of spares for you though. Simply cut them out and affix to the base of the light foot. You could also download the free pdf and ask candidates to stick the correct light to the base as part of the training exercise.

All our training buoys can be disassembled to provide a hands on puzzle for candidates, the colours and shapes are all interchangeable across the range of training buoys which can lead to some fun navigation training sessions.

Buoys can be used in several ways, please see our page about their usage here.

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 120 mm
IALA Region

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