Here are some ways that you can use the training buoys.


This is the exercise which is especially popular with groups, place the component parts on a table and ask them to make up a buoy each. With more than one group involved it can get very competitive!

Pass it on

Start with one student and ask them to take the correct stem from a pile for the buoy of your choice, then pass it to the next student and ask them to add the required next part - great to get a new class talking to each other.


Place a buoy on the table with the wrong top mark or colour on, ask the students to tell you what it is. Usually good to break the ice and get students to ask questions, can be used to double check that the knowledge is there too.

Make it fun!

We have found that the reaction from students and the speed of learning is increased vastly when we let them make up the buoys themselves, the learning is done by association and with the tactile feedback from the components as they slot into place.