Do you STEM?

Do you STEM?

We were asked by the RN Sea Scouts to provide a new concept for their fun Lego Robotic STEM sessions when at a large camp. The brief was to design and produce 150mm tall buoys which were very stable and depicted the normal IALA colour schemes.

Never one to let a good challenge pass us by, we produced these fun super sized buoy models!

We produced a few modules which would slide together and be permanently fixed, with an option to add LED lights in the future (hence the transparent light section at the top). The buoys were supplied in three crates along with a pontoon system to make their own marina.

If you fancy a set of these for a classroom, get in touch - they are big enough to do walking routes around, could be used in a car park (as long as its not blowing a gale) and all manner of fun.

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