Designed to look the part, easy and obvious for your students.
Firmware designed and developed in the UK by nautiNav
Green, White & Red sector lights - simulating transits
Easy to use LCD menu screen
Random Buoy mode to keep your students guessing!
Large custom diffuser to enhance the high intensity LED

Build A Buoy Game

Our long awaited “Build  a Buoy” project is now available to ship and it’s in the 20% global sale as well! Get yours today!

The ultimate training aid

Our mission is to make getting to grips with marine navigation fun and interactive. Never before has understanding the global IALA Buoy System been made easier for students.

Available in two modular designs (IALA A and IALA B) and catering to a range of learning styles and ages means nautiNav makes learning accessible and approachable. 


We have chopped £10 off the price of the Mini Buoy Kit after repeated requests to supply them without magnets but with both regions, shop away!

Welcome to nautiNav

nautiNav specialises in the production of nautical training aids, we believe that we can make parts of the rather ‘dry’ navigation training a bit more fun with our training models.

As part of our lineup, we supply a range of IALA specific buoys which are designed in a modular fashion so that you can set them up in a variety of ways to deliver training, from a fun simple puzzle to a ‘guess the buoy’ challenge – you are only limited by your imagination. We also offer a growing number of tabletop pilotage models which currently includes yacht, fishing boat and a large merchantman (CBD) that have ‘lights’ affixed to them.

A unique nav training tool

Fun Learning

Say goodbye to 'dry' training, engage your students more

Modular System

Our range is designed to work together or seperately

IALA A or B System

We produce training aids for the IALA global buoyage system

Realistic Top Marks

We have designed the top marks to closely represent the real thing

Spare Parts

All parts are available from stock if something gets mislaid!

Prime Product!

Now also available on Amazon Prime across Europe!

Our manufacturing process.

Our product range is printed in-house using commercial FDM technology, this means that whilst the product is completely fit for the intended purpose and your students will welcome the ability to have something tactile to learn with, the manufacturing process is not the same as injection moulding – your products will have distinct radial lines on them and possibly an occasional blemish. We want to stress that these products are NOT a) toys b) scale models or c) smooth surfaced. They are aimed towards adults and supervised children, may contain pointy bits (cardinal mark top marks for instance) and it is a condition of sale that you understand this.

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