The ultimate training aid kit

Our mission is to make getting to grips with marine navigation fun and interactive.

Never before has understanding the global IALA Buoy System been made easier for students.

We offer an ever increasing range of really useful tools that assist your on-the-water sessions and classroom activities.

All our training tools are designed and manufactured following input from hands-on instructors like you.

Available in two sizes which both include IALA A and B regions. Catering to a range of learning styles and ages means nautiNav makes learning accessible and approachable. 

  • Fit for purpose

    All our training aids have been designed in partnership with industry leading experts. These are not toys, they are designed to help you train.

  • Unique designs

    All our model designs belong to us, we spend time and effort ensuring that they do what is needed to enhance navigation learning.

  • Globally respected

    Our customer base spans the globe, we supply both IALA schemes and are set up to provide a customer service which leads the industry.

Design to Production

We don't just pull models off the Internet, we spend time designing tools that work in the real world, that provide key visual elements for your students. We spend the time making sure that the investment you make in your training aids pays off in client satisfaction.

Take our Buoy Light Simulator for example...

Image of BLS development with wires and led's

an idea takes shape


A germ of an idea takes shape, code is written and tested. Low voltage lights checked for cadence and reliability.

building the prototypes


Creation of several prototype designs, ensuring that the finish is durable and the placements of buttons and screen work for users.

ready to go


After feedback from instructors who have been field testing the prototypes, tweaks are made and the final model is ready to go.